Blood tests



Blood Tests for Diabetes: Random Plasma Glucose Test

Also known as: RPG; casual plasma glucose test; random blood sugar test.  What is it? The random plasma glucose test measures plasma (or blood) …


Blood Tests for Diabetes: Two-Hour Postprandial Glucose Test

Also known as: the postprandial plasma glucose test; PPG. What is it? A blood test that measures the body’s ability to metabolize carbohydrates …


Blood Tests for Diabetes: Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

Also known as: OGTT; 2-hour glucose tolerance test. What is it? A test that measures blood glucose levels before and 2 hours after you drink an …

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Blood Tests for Diabetes: Fasting Plasma Glucose Test

Also known as: FPG; fasting blood glucose test; fasting blood sugar test What is it? The fasting blood sugar test is a carbohydrate metabolism test …

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